Installing & Replacing Plastic Shingles

photo of plastic shingles roofPlastic shingles, or synthetic roofing slate, are engineered to maintain the same aesthetically appealing quality as natural roofing slate, shakes, tiles, and traditional shingles, while having the highest rated fire-resistance. Installing and replacing plastic shingles in Kansas City, MO is just a few comprehensive roofing services Ryan Construction Systems, Inc. offers!

UV & Fire Resistance

Plastic shingles have also been proven to be extremely impact resistant and vastly morephoto of plastic shingles, residential roof durable than its natural counterpart. In fact, the thermoplastic used in plastic shingles is used on a regular basis for many more applications outsides of roofing membranes! From vehicles to house interiors, the material has gained in popularity for its high rate of UV protection, its environmentally friendly production and disposal, its light weight, and its proven durability.

When it comes to UV ray protection, plastic shingles are an unrivaled roofing product. Their base is a precise blend to stand against both ultraviolet rays with flame retardant additives. In fact, their base composition has withstood a trial period of 15,000 hours of direct Arizona sun exposure. This makes plastic shingles the superlative shield of any home against the sun.

Making Safe Look Good

Not only are they extremely safe and protective, but they also serve as colorful accents to any home as their color is blended into their base with the flame retardant additives, so as to be extremely fade-resistant, outlasting many other types of shingles. The superior life expectancy of plastic shingles have been rising in competition with higher-end roofing materials which naturally cost more on the claim that they will last 50-100 years.


Moreover, plastic shingles are one of the “greenest” roofing products in the industry as they are made primarily of recycled materials and each shingle is 100% recyclable itself. This, combined with their light weight feature – approximating a total of 4 times lighter than their complementary natural slate – offers an comparably easier installation method and greater success as a stable roof which requires little to no maintenance. Due to this ease and clear environmental benefits, plastic shingles are a favorite for roofers, homeowners, and the environmentally friendly!

When it comes down to replacing or repairing your roof with a better product and professional roof installers, call Ryan Construction Systems, Inc! We have been installing and replacing plastic shingles on roofs across Kansas City, MO and many surrounding cities for nearly 30 years! (816) 741-1941