Wood Roof Replacement

Replacing Your Old Wood Shingles & Shakes

photo of wood shakes or shingles or cedar roofWood shingles are one of the most historical ways to protect your home. Their thin, tapered shakes are split straight from bolts of wood – unlike traditional shingles, which are cut. Traditional wood shingled roofs can be traced back to the first New England colonies, and while they are beautiful, they are also hazardous and expensive.

Living in Kansas and Missouri means you need a roof which can withstand high winds and hold steady against storms. You need firm protection and your roof in your house’s first line of defense. If you currently have a wood roofing system, call us! At Ryan Construction Systems, Inc. we provide wood roof replacement services in Kansas City, MO and many surrounding cities.

Wood shingles, as nice as they can look, are given to curling, rotting, cracking, bending, discoloring, taking in moisture, and being a fire hazard.

Safe, Attractive Replacements

If you like the look your wood roof provides your residence, there are absolutely safer photo of wood shinglesalternatives than natural wood which will also last long and be better for the environment! Here are a few suggested replacements which can also be made to appear like wood shakes and shingles:

  • Recycled rubber shake shingles
  • DaVinci Synthetic Shake Shingles
  • Architectural Asphalt Shingle and Cementitious Shingles (for total fireproofing)

Are Wood Roofs Worth Their Cost?

Not in the least. Wood roofing systems, also known as cedar roofs, are not only expensive due to their initial cost, but also in repair and maintenance for the following years. No matter how well your cedar shingles are coated with flame retardant material or rot-resistant polymers, wood shingles and shakes are prone to short lifespans and require more attention than many alternatives. That means both more time and money being thrown at your roof when you know your wood shakes and cedar shingles simply aren’t doing the job you need of them.

Living in or around Kansas City means you are asking a lot of your roof. You need it to be strong, stable, dependable, and easy to fix. The expert roofing contractors at Ryan Construction Systems, Inc. offer wood roof replacement services in Kansas City, MO and more for the safety and security of our neighbors! (816) 741-194