Installation Warranty

The installation warranties for Kansas City homes at Ryan Construction Systems, Inc. guarantee coverage of roofing services performed on property located at the client’s physical address. The work performed is entirely covered for up to 5 years for any leaks due to flaws in workmanship.

During this warranty period, any leaks qualifying under the terms of our Workmanship Guarantee shall be repaired promptly, at the expense of Ryan Construction Systems, Inc. up to a maximum of the original installed cost of the roof. However, the investigation of any reported warranty leaks which are found to be caused by anything other than flaws in workmanship must be billed to the reporting party at Ryan Construction Systems, Inc. current time-plus-material rates, and subject to minimum charge of $300.

Any roofing work (including roof snow removal) preformed upon the guaranteed roofing systems during the warranty period, of which is neither performed nor approved by Ryan Construction Systems, Inc. will cause this guarantee to become immediately null and void.

What This Guarantee Covers

This guarantee does not cover any subsequent interior damage. Ryan Construction Systems, Inc. will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages to the structure (upon whichroof repair with skylights the roofing system is affixed) or its contents, loss of time or profits or any inconveniences. Ryan Construction Systems, Inc. shall not be liable for any damages which are based on negligence, breach of warranty, or strict liability set forth in this guarantee.

Because Ryan Construction does not practice Engineering or Architecture, neither the issuance of this Guarantee or any review of the building’s construction or inspection of roof plans (or the building’s roof deck) by Ryan Construction or its representatives shall constitute any warranty of such plans, specifications, constructions, or in any way constitute an extension of the terms of the Guarantee.

Roofer warranties are offered towards Kansas City, MO homeowners for the protection of the homeowner as well as anyone else living in the residence. We guarantee high quality workmanship on every roofing installation!

If you are looking for installation warranties with a Kansas City roofing contractor guarantee, then please call Ryan Construction Systems at (816) 741-1941.